Financial Services leaders.


We offer financial advisory according to client requirements. We offer advisory services and efficient execution serving institutional investors, large companies, and individual investors.

We provide access to a wide range of financial assets.

Local Markets:

We can execute trades on any of the authorized products by MERVAL, ROFEX and M.A.V, all under National Securites Commission (CNV) and Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires (MERVAL) rules, and with Caja de Valores as custodian.

International Markets:

National Securities Commission (CNV) and MERVAL rule Mandate Trades (Operaciones por Mandato) , a specific type of trade that provides our clients with access to international markets.

Why choose Petrini Valores S.A.?

Only efficient and competitive organizations suit actual market dynamics.

We offer efficient execution, and customized advisory to our clients.We are a local, independent entity managed by local people.We focus on long term relationships with our clients.